I FAILED a few of my 2014 goals

I thought I'd share my goals with y'all and let everyone celebrate some successes and rub dirt in my face on a few of the failures.

2014 was an incredible year for me, full of "firsts," full of adventure and full of transition.

A few personal high's for me include:

March: Published my first book at 21 years old (and subsequently made money off of my writing)

May: Started this blog and have since accomplished most of my goals for it this year (details further down)

May: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana College with a double major in Management/Marketing and Economics/Finance

June-August: Backpacked for over two months across 11 countries

August: Revised, expanded and redesigned the Story Arc eBook

October: Began a marketing internship with a great company

November: Had my busiest month ever for freelance photography/design projects

December: Went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family and some close friends

December: Read 33 books this year not including school assignments (an improvement over last year though not nearly as many as I would like)

An action-packed year to say the least, though I will admit, I don't remember setting up any formal New Years Resolutions for myself. I scoured my room and computer anyway and couldn't find any written down anywhere. Shame on me.

However, sometime during July while I was traveling across Europe, I created some goals for this blog which was in its infancy at the time. For those of you who don't know, it launched May 5th after my book launch in March. All in all, I didn't do too shabby, though I dropped the ball on a few items. I thought I'd share my goals with y'all and let everyone celebrate some successes and rub dirt in my face on a few of the failures.

Here we go! (These are as originally written so if you don't understand something... I'm sorry)

1. [CHECK] One email per week

I set this up before I left for Europe and was rather surprised that I was able to keep it up! December 1st, however, I reduced the email newsletter to once per month because I needed to free up some time to work on a few other projects for TAG and I wanted to be able to spend more time filling each email with valuable content. It was a conscious decision, not a failure so I think I accomplished that one. Sign up for the monthly newsletter here - I promise, it'll be packed with some good stuff!

2. [CHECK] At least one new post per week (try for more to increase site-wide available content)

I knocked this one out of the park. During the early part of my travels, I was generating so much content just from sheer inspiration from our adventures that I began posting three times a week! Since being home, I have kept up this pace and, though it's been difficult, I have enjoyed the process.

3. [CHECK] Revamp Story Arc Worksheet

Also accomplished. I polled a bunch of people who have gone through the worksheet, and over the course of three days, cranked out an entirely new Story Arc Worksheet. I cut out all the superfluous, airy philosophy, added three levels of challenges to each module and simplified the process. Since I launched the new version, the worksheet has been completed by over 200 people! You can download it for free right here.

4. [FAIL] 500+ subscribers

This is one has not been achieved at the time of writing this post. As of December 11th, I have gotten 305 subscribers. If you'd like to share the wealth, share this page with your friends and get them to subscribe =) Thanks in advance!

5. [CHECK] 100+ Daily Page Views

I wasn't sure I was going to accomplish this one. The actual goal was written as "page views" but in my mind, what I really wanted to achieve was 100 individual viewers. I've had plenty of days where the blog received over 100 views/viewers in a day but never consistently. In December, I broke the mark and have been consistently getting 100 individual viewers each day. So major shout out to all of you who read - y'all are the best =)

6. [CHECK] Check into redesigning the site to Squarespace's new Template

I did this in July and the site got a complete overhaul from a hostel in Switzerland.

7. [CHECK] Guest Post for a Blog with 1,000+ Readership

Done! I was privileged to guest blog for the presentation software company, Prezi, on October 28th and be featured on Miss Minimalist's blog on December 1st.

8. [CHECK] Remove "Volunteer" and "Helpful Apps" lists

Basically these got zero traffic and weren't all that useful so I took them down. Took like 30 seconds. Mission accomplished.

9. [FAIL] Get 5+ guests to write for TAG

I only got two so huge fail on my part. BUT major thanks to my friends Micah Webber and Alex Robertson who wrote some incredible posts and who, by the way, you should be hearing a lot more from in the near future (*wink*).

10. [FAIL] Expand into Podcasts

Yep, fail. But it is a goal for the future - not forgotten, just shelved.

11. [CHECK] Create/Release 2+ Videos

Done! I've created four actually. This one and these three.

So 3 fails out of 11, not terrible! I want to extend a huge 'Thank You!' to all of you who read the blog - y'all are why I continue to write. I have some big plans for our community in 2015 - stay tuned, maybe I'll share a few with you in a future post ;)

In the mean time, I'd love to hear about your goals, successes and failures for 2014 in the comment section below! Before you start writing your goals for 2015, check out my post #HowToNewYear for a neat way to set up your New Years Resolutions that don't leave you feeling like a failure come February.

Happy New Year!