✨ Merry Christmas from the Jolibois



2015 marks our sixth year of our annual production known as The Jolibois Family Christmas Picture. It's kind of hard to believe that it's been so long. For years, we would shoot it on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while I was home from college. It would take all evening so we'd put on some Christmas music and bake some tasty treats to keep our spirits up during the production.

It wasn't just a one-man job either. Everyone had a part to play from picking out wardrobe, rearranging furniture, building a sled, baking cookies, setting up lights, styling hair, shopping for props... the list could go on. Thankfully, this is one family tradition that every member of our family enjoys and looks forward to.

It's since grown from an evening production to a full-day production that commandeers a November Saturday. This year, we started the day off around 9:00am. Moving furniture, shopping at Hobby Lobby, rolling out a new rug, getting the tree down from the attic, hanging up lights etc. We began shooting around 3:00pm and wrapped around 5:30pm.


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Behind the Scenes Video

Truly, we wouldn't spend a day taking a goofy picture unless we had people like you to share it with. We enjoy this holiday tradition because y'all enjoy it with us. So thank you! And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

With love,

—The Jolibois