✨ Merry Christmas from the Jolibois


2016 has been a full year.

A year filled with unexpected floods, engagements, and first semesters. While it hasn't been the easiest, I think I can speak for our family when I say it's been a year we are grateful for. One thing we're eternally grateful for is the community that has rallied around us and others who have lost so much in the flood. Family, friends - even strangers - have donated time, materials and money along with an outpouring of encouragement and prayers that have made all the difference.

We're more than aware of the amount of loss that has been sustained by the flood which is why we were initially hesitant to make light of it through our card this year. But if we're being honest, there's really no other response. It happened. We grieved the loss. We're moving forward. Same as everyone else. And we've heard countless others share similar sentiments to ours, that, "if we don't find the good in this situation, we'll be overwhelmed by the bad." So we're finding the good.

This year's card has been our most ambitious to date, with:

  • a crew of 3 on set (other than my family)
  • 4 behind-the-scenes cameras
  • 60GB+ of behind-the-scenes footage
  • 16 different images composited together to make the final card
  • 180+ layers in the Photoshop file
  • a 6-hour production
  • and over 10 hours of editing


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Behind the Scenes Video

Thank you all for sticking around and making it this far! We hope you enjoyed our little tribute to finding joy in the hard times.

We serve a gracious Savior who gives peace, hope and contentment in abundance.

Merry Christmas with love,

—The Jolibois