✨ Merry Christmas from the Jolibois


There aren’t many years that have been quite as pivotal as 2018 for our family.

We’ve expanded our family by two (four if you include the pups), which, incidentally, is making it increasingly difficult to squeeze everyone into one card. Camille and I (Jacob) got married in September and we’re welcoming Landon into the family on December 22nd when he and Anna get married!

On top of that, Josie had her white coat ceremony for dental hygiene school, Ben got a new job at the Mandeville Police Department, Landon started medical school, I shut down the altBR Podcast to make room for some new projects, Camille, Mom and I took a trip to Europe (France, Switzerland and Italy), Mom and Dad only have about 10 small projects left to finish up the house post-flood and Camille moved down to Baton Rouge from Kansas City and started a new job at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

So this year’s card is a visual representation of all of that change. We’re all standing on a beautiful, snowy road representing all of the new journeys ahead: new marriages, new careers, new homes. As Camille and I seal our marriage with a kiss, Camille tosses her bouquet on to Anna and Landon. This wasn’t intentional when I shot it, but I love that as Anna is jumping and reaching for the bouquet, Landon is there supporting her and proving that partnership from the beginning. Josie and Ben are more in love than ever, and even as they celebrate our new marriages, they have shown so much devotion to each other in their own major life events. Through all of this, Dad and Mom have been the Santa and Mrs. Clause of the year, planning, building and giving selflessly to all of us. We wouldn’t be where we are without them (that’s an understatement).

Most of all, we’re so thankful for our good God and His grace and blessings. And of course, the friends and family who have made 2018 a year of love and joy. We wish you all a very merry Christmas! We’re immensely grateful for the friendships and love that make our lives so rich!

A few stats from this year's production:

  • 15 different images Photoshopped together to make the final card
  • 70+ Photoshop layers
  • 4 new people/pets
  • 20+ production hours


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Behind the Scenes Video

Merry Christmas,

—Todd, Valorie, Jacob, Camille, Ben, Josie, Landon & Anna (and Toby, Millie & Atticus)