⚡️ A Social Address Book

Never manually add a new contact, update a contact card, or forget a birthday again.

Social networks are notoriously invasive. People just give them their data and they can't help but ask for more. So we delete our accounts... but... but what about remembering people's birthdays?

Well... that's where a social address book comes into play. Which brings up a whole new problem which is the issue of trying to keep everyone's contact info up to date manually! It's 2021! We should be syncing all this stuff.

So here's what I'm thinking:

  • First of all, it should go without saying that all data will be encrypted, never sold and controlled by the owner.
  • You sign up and import your existing contacts list. There would be some sort of mechanism, perhaps through en exchanged text or something that allows you to find/add each other without using something like a general search (feels too exposed).
  • Everyone adds only the information they want to share.
  • When you add someone as a friend, you each have each other's contact info and, since it's synced with your profiles, it stays up to date. No longer do you need to text everyone that you have a new number. Simply update your number in your contact card.
  • Birthdays, addresses, employers... all up to date.
  • If you unfriend someone, you no longer have each other's contact cards.