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⚡️ AI-Powered Photo Selection Engine

Let machine learning narrow down your image selection by "vibe."

Problem: I've worked in advertising, marketing, and product and still, to this day, pulling images is a pain in the butt. It's hard to weed through all of the stuff you DON'T like only to find a small selection of images that MIGHT work.

What we need is something that will serve up images that look like the type of image we want so that we can then select from the content options available.

Here's how I think this would work:

  • Apply your normal filters that you'd use on Shutterstock or Getty Images such as "Orientation."
  • Provide a search query such as, "women with smartphone."
  • Provide a selection of 3-5 images that you like the look of (content doesn't matter) and the AI engine will find images with similar color palette, tonality, and value from the reference images with the content of your search query.