⚡️ Church Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph for a Church that would essentially build the Church's own Biblical commentary over time.

Imagine a knowledge graph for a Church built using a tool like Roam Research.

  • The Bible would be imported in.
  • The Daily Notes page would be for announcements, prayer list additions, study notes etc.
  • Smart Blocks could import the prayer list to the Daily Notes each day.
  • Church staff could drop a devo in the Daily Notes every day for folks to log in and leave their thoughts/comments for discussion.
  • The pastor could include his sermon outline on the Daily Notes page for that Sunday along with the study guide.
  • Sermon outlines and bible study notes could reference verses that would essentially build up the Church's own commentary through linked references.
  • When you look up John 3:16, for example, you'd see everywhere that verse was ever mentioned in sermons or lessons before along with snippets of commentary or related quotes that folks had imported in over time.