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⚡️ Personalized Daily Reading Plans

How many pages should you read today to stay on pace to finish 20 books this year? No idea? Exactly.

You know how you can use an app like Daily Audio Bible to read the Bible in a year? It’s super simple, it tells you exactly what to read and people love it.

But if you try to create your own book reading plan for the year, you have to just grind on it and hope you finish all of the books in time.

So imagine a feature in Goodreads that, when you added books to a specific bookshelf, would grab the page data for each book, divides it into the remainder of the year and spits out a reading plan!

That way, at the beginning of each year, you add all of the books you WANT to read that year and it gets you off to the races. Then, as the year progresses, if you run across another book you’d like to read, you can add it to your bookshelf and either let the program adapt your pace to the extra material or simply have it suggest a book of comparable size for it to replace so your plan gets interrupted as little as possible.

It could also allow for "blackout" days of the week or specific dates when you know you won’t have time to read such as “every Saturday” or “July 3-5” so that the program can compensate as well as “whiteout“ days of the week or specific dates where you know you’ll have a TON of time to read, such as a beach vacation, and it increases your reading for those days by 25% or something.

As you log your progress, it gets a feel for your pacing and can automatically suggest reading goals next year based on what you can handle.