⚡️ Spam-less First-Person Shooter

A mobile first-person shooter game without spammy game mechanics.

Problem: I love first-person shooters. And since Fortnite has left the Apple ecosystem, I'm left with Call of Duty: Mobile which is a great game except that they absolutely bury you in popups.

Watch this screen recording of me booting up Call of Duty: Mobile. I had to tap 27 times just to get through all the crap and get to the lobby. 27 TIMES!!

I'd love to see a mobile FPS game that:

  • Had a 1-tap match button that let you enter a match immediately upon loading up the game. No popups, no notifications, no announcements.
  • Challenges, badges, weapons and powerups are great elements to the game but distance them from the core experience.
  • Allow users to pay to purchase new weapons and allow them to earn badges and complete challenges in-game. But not in the lobby.
  • Just let me play.