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⚡️ Subscription Journals

Subscribe to their inner-most thoughts.

Imagine if you could subscribe to the journals of your friends.

I think this is sort of what Twitter and Substack could be for some people but I think it would be more intentionally raw thoughts and less polished.

Naturally, you would have to have the option to marked certain parts as private. But if you were willing, you could share your thinking on some of those more private parts of your life. If you really wanted to leave it open, you could even have the option of marking your journal as anonymous and you could be even more liberal in the content you wish to share.

It would be most desired for either your best friends or incredibly deep thinkers. Otherwise, it might be a little boring. But for the people who's thoughts you care the most about, it could be incredibly insightful.

The cool part would also be if you could allow or even solicit wisdom, insights or simply encouragement from your subscribers, allowing them to weigh in on big life choices or struggles.