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⚡️ Vertically Integrated Healthcare

Aggregate and innovate along the medstack.

Problem: Healthcare is notoriously expensive due to a lot of different, interconnected variables. But you if a company could vertically integrated along the medstack (Is that a thing? It's my version of a techstack.), you could bring the cost down significantly.

I think drug manufacturers are the most well positioned for this since they already are producing drugs but, unfortunately, they would be the last ones to do something like this. Bummer.

But the idea is that you start with producing your own drugs and running your own tests. From there, you could create a network of hyper-local clinics and administer them at cost which is already lower than if you purchased them from a supplier since they're produced in-house.

The business model could start by charging a subscription, similar to how a family medicine doctor might set up their clinic, or you could simply charge a reasonable rate per visit.

You would have to have a desire to fundamentally change the landscape of the existing medical system for the better by reducing the costs of a doctor's visit so much so that most people wouldn't have to rely on insurance. If you're in it for the money (though I believe it would eventually come in droves), you're probably not suited to do this.

Disclaimer: I realize that I'm way out of my depths here and I also know that I'm missing some (probably a lot) key components that would make this economically infeasible. But as mentioned in the title of this list of ideas, they're half-baked so sue me (actually, don't 👀).