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⚡️ Within These Walls

A playbook for no-nonsense companies operating in a world of nonsense.

Businesses like Basecamp and Coinbase have taken a stand against the infiltration of non-work drama in the workplace and instead would rather rally their employees around the company’s mission to serve their customers. Within the walls of their companies - whether sheetrock or Slack channels - the debate and divisiveness of social issues don’t have a place. I respect that.

I won't comment on the companies' stances on particular social issues - it doesn't really matter. But as far as their position that a company is a place to deliver value to their customers, I couldn't agree more.

The companies get a lot of backlash from this but their logic is sound. I would encourage you to read their posts for yourself. For those companies that want to follow in their footsteps, Within These Walls would be a no-nonsense playbook of company policies that champion the customer and leave politics at home.