Zero-based Management

Sometimes starting from zero instead of building on the past gives you a fresh perspective moving forward.

ZERO-BASED SPEND enables organizations to identify discretionary consumption of non-labor overhead expenses through a unique lens of granular cost visibility. This allows leadership to make the right choices to change the culture of the organization, ultimately freeing up cash that can funnel into growth initiatives, capability improvements and improving EBITDA.

ZERO-BASED ORGANIZATION designs the organization from a clean sheet to shift talent from work that no longer contributes to desired outcomes to the distinctive capabilities required to win in the future. The organization, talent, end-to-end capabilities and routines that have been passed from one generation to the next are not necessarily the same ones required to win in the new.

ZERO-BASED COMMERCIAL optimizes marketing, sales, customer service and pricing to deliver superior customer economics.

ZERO-BASED SUPPLY CHAIN identifies the “should cost” ofCOGS and cost reduction opportunities across three levers—price, performance and value engineering—while optimizing product and service complexity. A closed loop process ensures results hold over time.