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⚡️ Body Modeling

Dynamic 3D modeling of your body on various diets and exercise regimens.

A SaaS product that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genomics and 3D Modeling to model how your body would look on various diet and exercise regimens.

Totally not sure how much of this is actually possible, so I’m spitballing here.

But imagine if you could use the LiDar technology in your iPhone to scan your body - like how some clothing startups have done to get the right fit.

Then you send in a DNA sample or go to the lab to get your genetics mapped so it can better understand how your body reacts to things.

You can then select from a pre-populated list of diets (eg. Keto, Paleo) and exercise programs (eg. Orange Theory, Cross Fit) or customize your own to see how your body responds to each.