⚡️ Idea Box

Twitter meets Unsplash for half-baked ideas.

I have fun reading through my old notes and seeing what kind of ideas I came up with a long time ago. In part, that's what inspired me to start throwing up my half-baked ideas on this website.

Imagine how fun it would be if there was a social network for ideas! It would be a breeding ground for new start ups, side projects and partnerships.

  • Similar to Twitter, you would get a limited number of characters in which to jot down a rough, half-baked version of your idea.
  • You could remix someone else's idea, riffing on it to continue the creative expression.
  • All ideas would be automatically entered into the creative commons, free for anyone to use in part or in its entirety. Similar to Unsplash's license.
  • You could set your status to "looking for my next project" if you were open to people reaching out about potential partnerships either over your idea or theirs.