⚡️ NFT Music + Merch

Bands create NFTs of their album artwork, posters, and songs which, as they grow in popularity, would reward their early fans who bought in.

Problem: For early fans of an artist who, "listened to them before they were cool," it can be frustrating to see that artist rise to fame and then suddenly feel like they're mainstream. How boring. Don't these fans want to prove that they were part of the OG fanbase?

  • Artists create NFTs of their early album artwork, set lists, posters, guitar picks, drum sticks etc. that early fans can purchase.
  • As the artist becomes famous, their NFTs rise in value, thus rewarding the early fans who bought in.
  • Since the artist continues to capture a portion of the NFT's future sales, if they end up being worth a lot in the future and are sold, the artist benefits.