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A curated collection of movie behind-the-scenes content, specifically with the intent to help viewers better understand the director's vision for the film.

Problem: So many people see a movie and, if it didn't tickle their fancy, immediately write it off as a bad movie. But what if... they're wrong? 😱 I know... crazy.

But let me explain my thinking. I always appreciate movies so much more once I've heard the director explain their vision and why they made certain artistic choices. Even if I didn't originally like a movie, once I have a better understanding of the ingenuity and creativity that went into it, I will at least have an appreciation of it.

  • What if someone curated a list of podcast episodes, YouTube videos and articles of behind-the-scenes content for movies?
  • You could eventually parlay that platform and traffic into deals with the movie studios for you to get paid to create all of that BTS content for them. After all, if people know WHY a movie is made the way it is... wouldn't they want to see it?