⚡️ #WorkFromHome Kits

Desk setup kits to help you #WorkFromHome a little easier.

Problem: Remote work is here to stay and, for the folks who aren't on the road 24/7, they need to build out a home office. But there are so many products and styles of desk setups out there. It can be overwhelming. I spent weeks researching my desk setup and, while I'm super happy with it, I spent more time on it than I would have liked.

You have to choose:

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Webcam
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Desk Mat / Mouse Pad
  • Cables/Dongles
  • Cable Management
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Lighting
  • Desk Plant
  • etc.

So what if it was easier? What if, like RoomsToGo, you could choose from a curated list of setups based on your preferences.

  • Partner with providers like Keychron, Grovemade and Uplift.
  • They give you a discount for driving new business, you combine the items into kits based on aesthetics, sell it for a slight up-charge (for your curation skills) and pocket the difference.