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⚡️ Less Crappy Social Media (hopefully)

A social media app that only allows you to share one thing per day.

Problem: When blogs and social media platforms emerged, it gave people a voice. That was incredible. Democratization of speech. But now the internet is overrun with crap and keeping a well-curated feed is hard work.

What if there was a social media platform that only let you post one thing per day?

  • It would (hopefully) encourage people to only post their best piece of content that day.
  • Feeds would be shorter and (hopefully) higher quality for easier and quicker consumption.
  • Quicker consumption leads to less time online.
  • A spin on this could be charging a monthly fee to the platform in order to 1) build exclusivity and thus quality and 2) ensure that the platform was economically viable without collecting/selling/leveraging user data.