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⚡️ The Bottom

An elaborate ruse to simulate hitting rock bottom to help jolt you out of complacency and rethink your life.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom for someone to truly figure out their priorities.

So what if there was a service that someone close to you (like a spouse) could hire that would hire a team of actors and hackers who would orchestrate an elaborate ruse to make it seem like your life is falling apart.

If you've ever watched The Game, it would be similar to that, except instead of being hunted, it would be more like real life. Your finances get stolen, your significant other leaves you and takes your kids, your house burns down, your parents die etc.

Some of the more difficult parts of the plan would be figuring out how to make it seem like you get addicted to drugs or alcohol without ACTUALLY getting addicted to those things.

Anyway, I'm not sure that something like this could ever exist from a legal perspective but I thought it was an interesting idea.